BusyPencils is an information design agency. It aims to bring a new facet to scientific research by combining visual thinking to represent data and information unequivocally. We use our expertise in research and design to help researchers, scientists, educators and businesses present their work in a comprehensible, lucid and visually appealing manner.

In 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt announced to the world that we create more information in two days now than we created from the dawn of man up till 2003. The challenge for us now lies in finding a way to reduce the complexity posed by data and give data a human shape.

Colin Ware states in Information Visualization: Perception for Design that we are able to acquire more information through our visual system than we do through all our other senses combined. Hence, the value of using visuals in our communication instead of just words is truly significant. Through time, there have been endeavours by organisations and professionals to provide richer and more meaningful experiences to consumers of data. They have appeared in the form of beautiful stimulating illustrations and infographics on different platforms, be it in print magazines, tv, e-zines, social media networks or microblogs.
But important and insightful data and information generated in scientific research is still largely presented in limited and static ways.

In Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling the authors mention ‘Design is to data as cheese sauce is to broccoli’. According to them, people need added incentives to eat their cold and dry vegetables and so is the case with research studies and analytics reports.

BusyPencils imparts form, color and narrative to the data which researchers painstakingly generate after months of tedious research. We are not data decorators. We conduct data analysis and discover stories in the data which are then woven into interesting visualizations. We create tangibility and bring in materiality for better understanding of abstract concepts and make them impressive and visually appealing.


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