Visual Identity: Social Impact Delft

Delft Social Impact is a TUDelft initiative which aims to promote the social aspects of technology. Developing new technologies is not a goal in itself as technologies have to serve people. Delft Social Impact wants to involve people in research and teaching activities in a direct way, face to face.

To be able to reach out  to people with their message, they wanted to create a strong visual identity which would help them be recognized and create a strong impression on potential stakeholders, contributors and collaborators.

Busy Pencils were asked to develop a strong visual identity which they could be used to represent them in different media and communication channels.

We came up with concepts which were based on two important aspects of the initiative, the role of science and technology and the social aspect. The concepts developed were discussed and then one of them was chosen to be developed further.

The different concepts which we first presented were:



In this concept, science is represented as a human with a book constructed by the negative space in the circle. Underneath are a set of human figures in orange, in the positive space who represent the beneficiaries of the knowledge and innovation.



In this concept, we work with the principle that the sum of the parts constitute the whole. The different tiles contribute to the wholeness of the concept wherein the bulb signifies ideas and innovation, flask signifies scientific research and the leaf signifies sustainability and ecology. The last tile signifies the social aspect represented by human icons.


In the third concept, we played with the negative and the positive space to represent the two aspects of the social impact initiative. We illustrated and represented the science with a flask, gear signifies the technology, leaf and water droplet signified ecology and sustainability. Underneath this collection was the representation of the social aspect by the illustration of human icons.

This concept was chosen and was further refined to be able to represent the idea in unequivocal way.

Logos-09 Logos-08

And the following image was chosen as the visual identity of Delft Social Impact and  is going to be used  for the communication and marketing purposes.


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