Infographic: Leadership in the information economy

Few domains in business and society have been untouched by the emerging social-media revolution—one that is not even a decade old. Many organizations have been responding to that new reality, realizing the power and the potential of this technology for corporate life: wikis enable more efficient virtual collaboration in cross-functional projects; internal blogs, discussion boards, and YouTube channels encourage global conversations and knowledge sharing; sophisticated viral media campaigns engage customers and create brand loyalty; next-generation products are codeveloped in open-innovation processes; and corporate leaders work on shaping their enterprise 2.0 strategy.

                                                    — Six social-media skills every leader needs, McKinsey Quarterly, February 2013

Leadership also needs to align itself to the ways of the information economy.
Mckinsey define the six traits of a social media literate leader in the above stated article. Through this infographic, we succinctly present the insights from the management consultants and create a visual which helps executives to deal with these new realities.

Leadership skillsmckinsey-01

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